OWN it now. PAY for it later.


Pre-Porter, House of Luxury has the payment facilities option solely in-house at the time being.

Our buyers can pay for any item they purchase over a maximum time period of three months

The first payment would require a minimum of 25% as a deposit of the overall amount of the item. The rest of the payment may be divided over month two and three. It is important to note that the item stays with Pre-Porter until it is fully paid for. 

Please refer to the example of our payment facility plan below.

Should the client wish to obtain the item earlier, payment can certainly be made prior to the deadline.

It is important to note that once an item is deposited it will be marked as sold and will not be accessible to other buyers. Consequently, the money will, absolutely and without exception, be non-refundable.

If a buyer fails to pay the total amount by the end of the three month duration, they will lose the money deposited and the item will be back online available to all clients for purchase.