1. Does Pre-Porter, House of Luxury guarantee the authenticity of the products?

Yes. Pre-Porter, House of Luxury is an active supporter against counterfeit. We take the authenticity process very seriously. The products go through our quality control inspection team of experts before being posted online. Please click HERE to read our Authenticity Promise.

2. What condition are the items in?

We only select luxury products which are categorized as “unwanted gifts”, “new”, “like new”, and “excellent" which would have very faint signs of use. Detailed descriptions will be provided regarding the condition next to every product. Please click HERE to refer to our Condition Chart.

3. Does Pre-Porter accept returns and refunds?

We do not accept returns and refunds however if you wish to resell an item that you have purchased from us we will only take a symbolic fee

4. Is my personal information kept private?

We maintain the utmost secrecy of our buyers and sellers

5. I want a specific item but i can’t see it on your website! What do i do?

You can always contact us via email at info@pre-porter.com or via Instagram @preporterluxury.

6. Can I Cancel an Order?

Once the order is completed you cannot cancel the order.

7. Does Pre-Porter Negotiate Prices?

Our prices are fixed however we have daily sales.

8. How Are Prices Determined?

Prices are determined based on the demand and the condition of the product.

9. Why are some items priced above retail?

Some items are impossible to find at the store and require a waiting list. Consequently, we might sell certain products at premium prices.

10. Can I see the item before purchasing it?

You are welcome to visit any of our physical locations via appointment if you wish to see the item physically. However our photography team takes detailed photos on the website to make sure that our customers have access to the detailed condition of each and every product.

11. Can I pay and collect items in person?

If you have access to our physical stores you may pay and collect the items in person.

12. Are there shipping charges?

Yes, there are. Please “click here” to view our shipping rates.

13. How can I pay?

Click Here” to view our payment facilities.

14. Can I defer my payments?

"Click Here" to view payment plan options