1. Does Pre-Porter, House of Luxury guarantee the authenticity of the products?

Yes. Pre-Porter, House of Luxury is an active supporter against counterfeit. We take the authenticity process very seriously. The products go through our quality control inspection team of experts before being posted online. Please click HERE to read our Authenticity Promise.

2. What condition are the items in?

We only select luxury products which are categorized as “unwanted gifts”, “new”, “like new”, “excellent’ or “gently used” which would have very faint signs of use. Detailed descriptions will be provided regarding the condition next to every product. Please click HERE to refer to our Condition Chart.

3. What is the Security Tag?

We place a security tag on each item we sell. It will not damage the handbag or item in anyway, and is easy to remove with scissors. The tag is not re-attachable. If you wish to return a handbag or item for any reason it must have this tag attached. If it isn’t then we cannot accept a refund.

4. Does Pre-Porter accept returns and refunds?

Provided you are a Lebanese resident and the PPL plastic tag is still intact and sealed on the product, we accept returns in exchange for another item within 2 working days however we do not accept monetary refunds. Please click HERE for Exchanges & Returns policies.

5. Is my personal information kept private?

Of course! Privacy is of utmost importance at Pre-Porter. There is a discretion policy among the staff as well as with clients.

6. I want a specific item but i can’t see it on your website! What do i do?

Your wish is our command! We will add the details to our wishlist. Feel free to contact us HERE with the details of the item you wish to own and and a representative from our team will contact you once the item is in house.

7. Can I Cancel an Order?

Yes! Should you find it necessary to cancel an order you can do so by contacting us provided the item hasn’t been shipped.

8. Does Pre-Porter Negotiate Prices?

Prices are fixed at the amount indicated on the website. Some prices may be lowered by 10%, 20%, or 30% if they have been available for sale for an extended period of time.

9. Does Pre-Porter ever have Sales?

We discount selected items after they have been available for an extended period of time on our website, unless stated otherwise.

10. How Are Prices Determined?

Pre-Porter luxury experts use a variety of ways to determine prices including the retail value of the item, the condition as well as the current fashion trends.

Other considerations when pricing are our own record of sales and online sales. It is also important to note that sellers are ultimately free to determine the prices they want to set.

11. Why are some items priced above retail?

Although most items sold by Pre-Porter are marked 60% to 80% below their original retail price, some items may be priced higher than the original retail price due to the fact that they could be premium items which are either sold out, limited editions, or vintage pieces.

12. Can I see the item before purchasing it?

That is certainly possible provided you live within Lebanon. You can return the item on the spot to our designated driver and a six dollar delivery charge will apply. If you live abroad, you can request extra videos and detailed pictures from our customer service representatives should you need them prior to buying, however, we do not exchange or return internationally for the time being.

13. Can I pay and collect items in person?

Of course! Should you choose to pay and pick up an item(s) directly from our showroom, you are welcome to pass by. Please click HERE for directions.

14. Are there shipping charges?

Delivery is free within Lebanon provided you purchase an item. Please click HERE to see our international shipping rates.

15. How can I pay?

You can pay by check, bank transfer, card or cash. Please click HERE to check the details.

16. Can I defer my payments?

Yes! We offer payment facilities. Please click HERE to check the details.

17. Are the pictures displayed on your website the actual products listed for sale?

Yes, we only accept to sell items that are available in-house. We make sure to be as true as possible to the condition the product is in.