Old About Us


Trust. Quality. Value. Sustainability. Luxury. Those are our core values at Pre-Porter.
For the past five years, Pre-Porter has worked hard to build an online platform and earn its reputation in being a most trusted source in the preloved luxury market. Pre-Porter has established customer loyalty, competitive value for money and, through rigorous quality control, provides assurance that all products are 100% authentic. Sustainability is another core value that Pre-Porter holds dear. We believe in honoring and extending the life-cycle of luxury products.

Pre-Porter, House of Luxury is managed by sisters Rita-May and Stephanie, whose love for luxury led them to discover the need for a trusted platform to buy and sell haut de gamme pre-loved brands. They believe that buying and selling luxury products has changed the way consumers approach the high-end market all-together. 

“If you are a seller, you benefit from gaining a good amount of your money back after having enjoyed the item you bought, and ultimately passing it on to somebody else who gets to enjoy the same product instead of your item collecting dust in your closet. It’s a beautiful cycle that extends the life of the item.”  - Rita-May, Founder

“Access to endless preloved luxury products at excellent prices is a way to shop smart. Consumers know what “value” means to them: what if there was a trusted and satisfying platform where I can sell my items in order for others to enjoy the same experience I initially had by wearing that hot bag or accessory that i no longer need? Pre-Loved Luxury is basically the new normal.”  - Stephanie, Co-Founder


At Pre-Porter, attention to detail is of paramount importance and each item goes through extensive quality control, where our experts ensure that all the products are 100% authentic prior to being put up for sale.

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